“Traveling While Deciding”

is such a peerless word.2018 summer,I decide to go to Pilipino to learn freedive as the 20th birthday gift. This is the first time in the true sense of traveling alone. Before I set out to travel, i dyed bright pink hair to make sure I can be seen when I lose on the trip.

My destination is Bohollsland, I need to flight to Hongkong and connecting flight to Cebu then take boat to Bohollslnad. I meet lots of trouble on the road. Cause manila airport paralyzed partially ,The second flight delay,I have to change flight to tomorrow morning in office, but the office is full of people standing and waiting , I got a number ticket which is more than 100 that means I need to wait till next day morning and I’m not sure has any flight ticket left, the only solution is go to the hell, i rush to the front row of the queue and told staff my situation, after a hard struggle I change my flight finally.The next problem is no place to sleep in the airport , I walked around in the airport find a capsule hotel but it is full till 2am, I breakdown and cry sitting on the floor after a long and hard trip.

next day, I arrive Bohollsland airport.the airport is the most humble one.

my free dive class begin,my classmate is a sister from Shanghai.In the morning, we will do yoga to relax. Then we will Dive over and over again to practise.  we will walk to the seaside watching sunset.

One day we see someone are sea jumping, then we agreed to jumping into water after we pass level one.
The last day we go to fun dive and so lucky we can swimming with shake whale.
After diving and sun scorching, my face change into two colors like WUKONG, the area where glasses covered is white.

The last day, I take photo with my new friends and coach. I did not handstand dive to 10 meters under water to pass the level one test.but I will come back soon.


Talking about friends, the first one come to my mind must be ZhangPeiwen. She is my roommate in high school since then she is my best friend. Last year we have been to Taiwan together, after this traveling I understand why we can become friends, because of those reasons:



same habits is the cornerstone of friendship. for eat we can do some crazy things, because of food our traveling become more funny, for example, we continuously to a store three days for the signature dish but every time the dishes have sold out, last day we came here for dishes, the store owner have keep the last one for us. Having same habits especially eating will make us more passionate.  


 Challenge new thing will become perfect mark of our friendship, in the future we can say-do you remember we have…then HAHAH😆😍🤪😜😎We have challenge some thing new in Taiwan that is fresh binglang. Honesty, it taste not good. Then we see each other, we looked so funny our teeth become red and the mouth is filled with red saliva.


For girl, taking good picture for each other is very necessary for friendship. We can know each other like what kind of picture so that we avoid wasting much time on it. Of course we will try our best to take the pretty picture for each other.


Without taking, we don’t feel embarrass is the key point for our relationship.In Taiwan we get up early to watch the sunrise and sunset; we laying on the beach listen to the sound of waves ;we climb the hill in evening to count the stars. We do so many boring things even sometime we don’t talk to each other, but we don’t feel embarrass.


Special skill made our friendship more stronger. Motorbike is the main method of transport.sadly,I don’t know how to ride motorbike, but ZhanPeiwen is good at riding motorbike. It’s hard to image without the person who can ride bike this travel should not be so great.